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Appendix Ⅰ Calendar of Events

Appendix I Chronology of Events

January 1 The Department of Health of the Taipei City Government implemented the Child Medical Subsidy for the third child in families in order to alleviate their financial burdens.
2 The information desk at the west gate of the city government has commissioned operators for the 1999 Citizen Hotline to provide counseling and guidance; so as to enhance quality the service is also offered in Taiwanese and English. Service hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., including the lunch hour.
3 The Motor Vehicles Office, Taipei City Government, has made available the motorcycle testing court to the public for practice from 8:30-9:30 every Wednesday morning.
4 The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs held a press conference at Liuyi Plaza (the old site of Lanzhou Police Station), suspected to be a historical site for Hsuntangpu culture, which dates back 4,500 years.
5 The Taipei City DGBAS (Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics) amended the Taipei City Government Unit Budget Implementation and Execution plan scheduled to be implemented in 2007.
6 The Department of Civil Servant Development, Taipei City held a New Vision and Consensus Camp for Taipei City Government Head Officials with the theme of Creating a New Vision and Challenging the future.
13 The Taipei City Fire Department held a series of 119 Fire Safety e-learning campaigns on home alarms and many other issues.
15 Mr. Etienne Coffin, the Director of International Affairs of Direction Generale des Entreprises, called on Mr. Wu Shiouh-guang, the vice mayor and saw the sites of Taipei, a vibrant city noted for its wireless network construction.
16 Mayor Hau Lung-bin hosted the inaugural ceremony of the extension construction of the Penglai Elementary School in the Datong District of Taipei and its underground parking lot.
17 Representatives of Malaysia MDEC, the Multimedia Development Corporation, visited Taipei, a vibrant city noted for its wireless network construction.
18 Mayor Hau Lung-bin inspected the Reconstruction Project of the Chungsan Bridge, where the southern river channel of the Chungsan Er Bridge is to be dismantled.
18 On behalf of Taipei City, Mr. Ying Yun-jhong, adviser to the Taipei City Government, attended the 2007 Pacific Telecommunications Council in Hawaii and shared the experience of how Taipei was built; he won the First Prize at the 2006 Intelligent Community Awards presentations.
22 The Taipei City Government held the 2006 Soil and Water Conservation Volunteer Award and 2007 Volunteer Appointment Ceremony.
23 Mayor Hau Lung-bin hosted the closing ceremony for 2006 Taipei!|s Joint Junior High and Elementary School Games, in which 12 contestants broke track and field records and 17 records were broken in swimming events. A total of 29 contestants set 49 new records in 37 events.
24 The City Government held the 2007 Taipei Lantern Festival: Fortune and Prosperity to Taipei. A 4.5 km lantern road combined technology and the modern with traditional and folk customs by displaying great sound and light effects. It continued through March 11th, and drew an estimated 6 million visitors.
27 The City Government!|s Honesty and Anti-corruption Center was established with an inaugural ceremony.
February 4 Ludiwig Scotty and the First Lady visited the 2007 Taipei Tea and Flower Exhibition, where potted tea and flower plants were displayed. Many tea and flower species were presented and a tea and flower path was featured in the exhibition venue.
6 The parking lot construction on the high sandbank across from the Taipei Zoo and on the left side of Taipei!|s Jingmei River was completed. It is now open to the public.
6 The Ministry of Education conducted a comprehensive review of local educational affairs. Taipei City received top ratings among all cities and counties for 2006.
13 The Taipei City Urban Planning Committee reviewed and approved that the Tienmu Sports Park (Land No. 22-3, a small plot of land in the Shanyu Section of Shilin District, Taipei City ) be used for the Taipei Physical Education College.
20 The 2007 Yangmingshan Flower Festival ended on March 25 after a total of 34 days.
23 The Taipei Water Department completed construction of the Chungshiao Pump Station that has a daily output capacity of 159 thousand tons, boosting the water supply pressure at the system!|s endpoint in Nankang.
27 The 2nd phase landscaping project of the Banga Boulevard was completed.
March 3 The final bid of the Xinyi Songshan Line Electrical & Mechanical Project was awarded to Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Marubeni Corporation, and CTCI Corporation.
3 At the 2007 Taipei Lantern Festival, the Taipei Metro implemented a crowd control project that was in effect until March 11, during which a total of 10,576,696 passengers used the service.
8 The construction of the temporary ground parking lot at No. 32 Wanda Rd, Wanhwa was completed and is now ready for use.
8 Accompanied by Professor Lin Shu-fong of Central Police University, Professor Tanaka Takao, Law School of Kyushu University visited the Commission for Examining Petitions and the Appeals Commission of the Taipei City Government to learn more about the system and its operation.
13 Mr. Wang Le-sheng, Counselor of the Taipei City Government attended the UCLG World Execution Committee Conference in Paris, which ended on March 14.
16 Representatives of the Taipei City Government participated in the Spring Tourism Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, which ended on March 18.
17 The Taipei Fire Department held a series of fire safety campaigns in the Chengung Public Housing Community in Daan District.
22 At AIPH!|s Spring Conference, Taipei City was chosen via Internet voting to serve as host for the 2010 International Flower Show.
25 The Taipei Sports Office and The Chinese Taipei Road Running Association hosted the 2007 Carrefour Marathon, in which 8000 runners from countries such as Zimbabwe and Kenya in Africa, Russia and Taiwan, competed.
26 The Taipei Metro Upaper released its first issue. The paper is published from Monday through Friday with a daily volume of 150 thousand. It provides news, feature articles, information about people!|s daily lives for the young, women, and white collar.
27 In recognition of the free consultation service offered by the Taipei Bar Association and the Taipei Land Administration Society, Mayor Hau Lung-bin awarded the associations and presented 317 volunteers with certificates of gratitude.
27 The Department of Education, Taipei City Government, hosted the 3rd Taipei Mayoral Cup for the Cross-school Swimming Relays, in which 217 student teams (of 4340 students) and 20 adult teams (of 200 adults) took part.
28 The Taipei City Government Information Center held the 2006 ICT Forum and ANMC21, which ended on March 29.
31 The 2007 Shihlin Official Residence Rose Festival opened and continuted through April 15, a total of 16 days. The Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government, held a public wedding ceremony with the theme of A Rosy Life with Calla Lily Wedding Party. Mayor Hau Lung-bin served as official witness of the ceremony for 77 newly-weds.

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