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Chapter 2 Urban Development

With the development of other Asian cities and countries comes a heightened level of competition among Asian cities. How will Taipei City stand out in the global city networks? How can Taipei appear to best advantage in the international arena by using its sources effectively? Under the guiding principle of sustainable development, with rich natural and historical resources as well as the harnessed efforts of the public and private sectors, Taipei has devoted significant efforts to improving the quality of life and environment, promoting industrial and business development, and staying competitive by means of regional cooperation, urban redevelopment, community improvement, and public participation. In this constantly changing world, the Taipei City Government continues to take the necessary steps and harness the city’s energy to take on and surmount any and all challenges that other cities from around the world may pose.

Part1 Taipei’s Urban Development Vision: In the Making

1.A Forward-Thinking City in a Globalized Production Climate
2.A Quality Living Environment in a Pleasant City
3.A Livable City

Part2 Reinforcing the Rubrics of Urban Development in Taipei City

1.Unveiling Taipei’s Cultural Diversity
2.An Eco-City of Sustainability

Part3 Taipei City’s Development Action Kicks Off

Total list: 3 items
Total list: 3 items