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Chapter 3 Business and Finance

As the capital of Taiwan, Taipei is the island’s economic, political, educational and cultural center. It has an excellent location, an efficient and convenient transport network, an advanced wireless network, plus a complete financial system, high-quality human resources and a vibrant high-tech industry. As Taiwan’s leading city, city government policies should meet the development needs of industry, attract customers and investment and transform Taipei into an operating center for businesses.

Part1 Industrial and Commercial Development

1.Industrial Development Overview
2.Commercial Development Overview
3.Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development Overview

Part2 Marketing Taipei and Promoting Investment

1.Encouraging Investment, Promoting Industrial Development
2.Enhancing the Development Potential of Technology Parks
3.Strengthening Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises Counseling and Services
4.Market Management and Guidance
5.Marketing industries with Special Characteristics

Part3 Financial Strategy

1.Increasing Financial Efficiency
2.Industrial and Commercial Tax Services

Total list: 3 items
Total list: 3 items