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Chapter 4 Education and Learning

Education is a great undertaking of lasting importance and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Being the capital city of Taiwan, the standard of education in Taipei is also indicative of the general level of domestic education. In 2007, the Taipei City Department of Education initiated the “Mentor Teacher Program” in the hope of elevating teachers’ proficiency in teaching and academic administration skills to achieve excellence in education quality. In addition, substantial resources were invested in the installation of quality IT equipment to bring 100% wireless internet coverage to the campuses in Taipei. Other steps taken by the Department of Education include the construction of an ideal environment to facilitate education (i.e., establishment of the Taipei Family Education Center to reinforce family education and facilitate the systematic development of family education in Taipei and shape the outline of a refined educational culture), the hosting of joint sport events for elementary and junior high schools to promote the spirit of sportsmanship among young students and in turn increasing the public’s awareness of the benefits of taking up sports. It is also a way to present the results of innovative education. Through the interaction and dedication of contributors, and the involvement and hard work of relevant parties, Taipei City has demonstrated a unique and professional spirit in the face of challenges from internationalization and rapid progress in technological advancement in becoming an international metropolis connected to the rest of the world.

Part 1 A High Quality and Sophisticated Learning Environment

1. Improving the Quality of Higher Education
2. Development of an Excellent Secondary School Education
3. Development of Effective Vocational School Education
4. Establishment of a Sophisticated Elementary Education

Part 2 Diverse Learning and Professional Content

1. Offering Appropriate Opportunities for Potential Development
2. Establishing an Excellent Environment of Information Education
3. Promoting School Hygiene and Student Health

Part 3 Rich Social Education

1. Facilities for Diverse Learning
2. Promotion of Lifelong Learning

Total list: 3 items
Total list: 3 items