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Chapter 5 Social Welfare

The past year in retrospect has witnessed Taipei City's continuous endeavors in the promotion of various social welfare services and the improvement of service quality, so as to maximize the efficacies of the city's limited welfare resources, and meet the goal of sustainable social welfare operations. These services constitute the promotion of the “Great Warmth Disadvantaged Family Revival Program” that features efforts to help second-generation youths from low-income families to break the poverty cycle; the expansion of the community mutual help and resource integration program, and the community life rebuilding program for the physically and mentally challenged; the implementation of a community nanny service to improve nursery quality; the creation of a general and diverse senior citizen service program; plus the handling of various sexual harassment prevention tasks, the strengthening of domestic violence, the heightening of the sexual assault prevention network, and the improvement of various mortuary mechanisms and facilities.

Part1 Social Welfare Programs and Services

1.Welfare for the Elderly
2.Welfare for the Disabled
3.Welfare for Children and Youths
4.Women's Welfare and Childcare

Part2 Social Assistance and Family Services

1.Social Assistance
2.Social Work Services
3.Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention

Part3 Civic Organizations and Community Development

1.Assistance to Civic Organizations and Cooperative Societies
2.Community Development

Part4 Funeral and Mortuary Services

1.Hardware Facilities Improved
2.Funeral and Mortuary Measures Reformed
3.Service Quality Upgrade

Total list: 4 items
Total list: 4 items