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Chapter 6 Medical Health

The health of Taipei City residents is the main focus of the Department of Health of the Taipei City Government in its policy implementation. In order to further integrate health administrative units with social welfare, medical and community resources, the agency initiated a reform in January 2005 to increase the level of collaboration between local health centers and Taipei City Hospital. The effort is aimed at implementing programs promoting health, constructing healthy communities and promoting health-related concepts to the public. Policies, such as the “Wellness card points redemption program” and other innovative ideas are examples of how the city government strives to ensure that our residents can enjoy healthful and joyful lives.

Part 1 Administration Organization and Health Information

1. Administrative Organization
2. Health Information Website

Part 2 Reforming Lifestyles

1. Health Promotion and Maintenance
2. Health Screening, Tracking, and Care
3. Integrated Health Care
4. Community Health Environment
5. Health Center

Part 3 Drug, Cosmetics, and Food Safety Network, Constructing Healthy Consuming Environments

1. Developing a Joint Auditing System to Assure the Safety of Drugs and Food and to Investigate Health-Related Crimes
2. Management of Pharmaceutical Affairs
3. Food Sanitation Management
4. Developing Health Consumption Environments
5. Developing Safe Medicine Habits for Healthy Communities
6. Sanitation Examination Business

Part 4 High Quality Medical Care

1. Early Intervention and Medical Care for Children
2. Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
3. Emergency Care
4. Long-Term Care
5. Management of Medical Institutions and Practitioners
6. International Medical Business

Part 5 Strengthening the Network of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control

1. Inoculations
2. Community Infectious Disease Prevention and Control
3. H5N1 Avian Influenza Prevention and Control
4. Injury Reduction to Prevent AIDS

Total list: 5 items
Total list: 5 items