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Chapter 7 Dailylife Security

In light of the inseparable relationship between public security and people’s everyday lives, the Taipei City Government has made its top administrative goal the reinforcement of public security, fire safety, labor safety, and the safety of buildings. It is also placing great emphasis on improving and reviewing security service quality by emphasizing close-knit teamwork so as to make Taipei a tranquil and safe place to live, and secure the peace of mind of its residents.

Part 1 Public Security Maintenance

1. Solid Teamwork and Excellent Police Administration
2. Maintaining Social Order
3. Foreign Affairs Security Management
4. Traffic Order Management and Safety

Part 2 Fire Safety, and Disaster Prevention and Rescue

1. Fire Injuries
2. Fire safety
3. Disaster Prevention and Rescue

Part 3 Labor Safety

1. Building a Safe and Comfortable Working Environment through Intensive Inspections
2. Labor Safety Awareness Promotion

Part 4 Public Safety of Buildings

1. Public Safety of Buildings
2. Building Elevator Safety Checks
3. Residential Safety of Hillside Buildings

Total list: 4 items
Total list: 4 items