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Chapter 8 Traffic & Transportation

The Taipei City Government’s continuing emphasis on mass transport is illustrated by the fact that work on stage 2 of the MRT mass rapid transport network has begun across the board. When construction work is completed, the total length of the city’s MRT lines will be substantially increased. Also, a Bus Dynamic Display System to provide instant bus information is being installed throughout the city. In December 2007 six city mini-bus services connecting subway stations and bus stations to make transferring more convenient and promote “the last kilometer” short distance community shuttle service began operating. In terms of creating a people-first transport environment, children have been the target of education efforts, and improvements have been made in the environments in which children go to and from school for eight primary schools in the Zhongzheng district, making the journey to and from school safer for children. After over four years of planning, design and construction work, the Maokong Gondola was opened on July 4, 2007. In less than six months more than 2 million people went along for the ride. The gondola not only represents a new transport mode for Taipei; it also adds variety to the city landscape.

Part 1 Putting People First and Sustainability are the Starting Points

1. Building People-Based Transport
2. Building Sustainable Transport

Part 2 Intelligence and Safety are the Standards

1. Building Intelligent Transport
2. Traffic Safety

Part 3 Pursuing Greater Convenience and High Quality

1. Making Transport More Convenient
2. Pursuing High Quality Transport

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Total list: 3 items