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Chapter 10 Public Infrastructure

Public infrastructure is a crucial aspect of the quality of life of Taipei City’s residents. 2007 witnessed the completion of the Fubei Underpass and Kanghu Road; residents of Taipei City now enjoy improved traffic service. 75.93% of the sidewalks in Taipei City have been renovated to improve pedestrian walkways. Flood control and wastewater sewage reinforcements effectively protect citizens from flooding-related mishaps, and provide quality river watershed areas plus water-friendly environments. Visitors to numerous flower festivals have grown to 1.4 million, with such events serving as great venues for leisure and relaxation. Utility construction and public housing services have been renewed to benefit residents. The Taipei City Government is poised to create a resident-friendly, safe, convenient, and quality urban community by building a sound public infrastructure for its residents in limited space.

Part 1 The Establishment of Expedient Transportation Construction

1. Effective Road Construction
2. Unhindered Pedestrian Space
3. Bridge Construction and Maintenance
4. Construction of the Maokong Gondola
5. Construction of Common Ducts

Part 2 Building a Quality River Watershed

1. Flood Control and Drainage Construction
2. Sewage System Construction Projects
3. Revitalization of the Tamsui River

Part 3 Urban Greening and Embellishment

1. Increasing the Park and Green Area Per Capita
2. Park Constructions (Expansions) and Renovations
3. Roadside Greening and Beautification
4. Flower Shows and Flower Season Events
5. Streetlight Management and Maintenance

Part 4 Public Utility Constructions

1. Water Supply Facilities
2. Management of Hot Spring Resources
3. Natural Gas Utilities

Part 5 Public Housing Development

1. Public Housing Service Transformation
2. Land Acquisition Encourages Prosperity

Total list: 5 items
Total list: 5 items