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Chapter 11 IT Deployment

After eight years of determined and continuous efforts in promoting and implementing CyberCity policies, Taipei City Government (TCG) has transformed Taipei into a world class CyberCity! In the process, it has built the largest coverage wireless network in the world. Indeed, Taiwan was honored by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) and recognized as the“Intelligent Community of the Year 2006”. Looking ever forward, our IT development work will be guided towards the vision of “Providing a Quality Life in an Intelligent City”, which will deliver ubiquitous and integrated services including e-government, e-community, e-life, and the Geographic Information System,among others. Our goal is to make Taipei a world-class capital that is both friendly and ready for the information age.

Part 1 Quality Life in an Intelligent City

Part 2 Better Efficiency through E-Government

1. A Comprehensive Urban Disaster Prevention System
2. E-Secretary
3. E-Business Service
4. Information Education
5. Public Sentiments Website
6. Shared Information System
7. E-Safety and Crime-Fighting
8. Facilitation of IT Applications For Indigenous Peoples
9. Seamless Network Services

Part 3 E-Community for More Participation

1. Community Resource Network
2. Neighborhood Interaction and Communication System

Part 4 E-Living for Convenient Daily-Life Applications

1. Information Websites for the Convenience of Citizens
2. Multi-Use Easy-Card Service
3. Traffic-Related Quality Services
4. Bridging the Digital Divide
5. Geographical Information and the Development of Computer Application Service
6. Computer Application Exhibitions

Part 5 Worldwide Recognition

1. Organizing the 2007 World Robot Olympiad (WRO)
2. International CyberFair
3. The 2007 Intelligent Cities ICT Forum

Total list: 5 items
Total list: 5 items