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Chapter 12 Culture & Art

Taipei City’s development of culture and the arts has adopted the defining position of “taking local culture to heart, embracing a global vision, building a sustainable future for culture.” The Taipei City Government has completed the restructuring and reshaping of the Taipei Cultural Foundation; it is promoting the implementation of an L-shaped cultural and creative industry development corridor; it has established a unique Culture and Creativity Area; and has begun four major new initiatives: a Culture and Creativity Street, a Creativity Market, a Cultural and Creative Industry Park and the establishment of the Taipei Film Commission. Regrettably, Grass Mountain Chateau was destroyed by fire. The controversy surrounding the temporary designation of Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall as a historical site prompted the Taipei City Government to energetically adopt measures to protect its historical and cultural assets.

Part 1 Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Taipei’s Upgraded Municipal Status

1. Special Exhibition on the 40th Anniversary of Taipei’s Upgraded Municipal Status
2. Documentary on the 40th Anniversary of Taipei’s Upgraded Municipal Status
3. Symposium on Regaining the Grandeur of a Waterfront City
4. Concert Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Taipei’s Upgraded Municipal Status

Part 2 Promoting the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries

1. Planning the General Outline of an L-shaped Cultural and Creative Industry Development Corridor
2. Reorganization of the Taipei Cultural Foundation
3. Legalizing For-Profit Street Performances in Certain Public Areas
4. KUSO Ximending Creative Carnival
5. Intercity Cultural and Creative Industry Exchanges between Taipei and Beijing
6. Establishment of the Taipei Film Commission

Part 3 Cherishing Cultural Figures and Assets

1. Arts Subsidies
2. The Taipei Culture Awards
3. The Taipei Art Awards
4. Preservation, Restoration and Loss of Cultural Assets

Part 4 Flourishing and Diverse Cultural and Artistic Events

1. Cultural Cooperation Projects between Taipei City and Taipei County
2. Major Annual Arts Events
3. Panoply of Visual Arts
4. Taipei Cultural Center – Nexus of Arts Performances

Part 5 Appreciation of Culture and Art for an Aesthetically Satisfying Life

1. Art Education Indepth
2. Culture in the Alleyways – Arts Express
3. Culture Express
4. Street Performers
5. Taipei Cultural Passport

Total list: 5 items
Total list: 5 items