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Chapter 13 Religious Folklore

Taipei City is a typical immigrant metropolis that celebrates an infusion of religious beliefs, cultures, customs and lifestyles brought by different ethnic groups. The year 2007 also witnessed multifarious and colorful ritual galas and religious ceremonies, such as the 2007 Taipei Lantern Festival to complement the last day of the Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Soiree for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dalongdong Cultural Fair, the ceremonious Hakka Bag Gung, Three Mountain Kings, and Yi-min Ceremonies, the Baosheng Cultural Festival and the Matsu Cultural Festival of Northern Taiwan that are rich with religious and cultural elements, the aboriginal cultural festivals and the exotic immigrant cultural events. Apart from these activities, the City Government followed out a myriad of innovative ritual measures that broke away from traditional elements in 2007. The city of Taipei is encouraging the promotion of new cultural elements and religious beliefs, and transforming these new energies into a unique Taipei cultural tapestry.

Part 1 Colorful and Vibrant Ceremonial Gatherings

1. The Taipei Lantern Festival
2. Singing Near The Shore on the Mid-Autumn Festival
3. The 2007 Dalongdong Cultural Fair
4. The Joint Aboriginal Culture Festivities in Taipei City

Part 2 Dignified Rites of Thanksgiving

1. The Hakka Bag Gung Ceremony
2. The Hakka Three Mountain Kings Ceremony
3. Baosheng Cultural Festival
4. Taipei Hakka Yi-min Ceremony
5. The Matsu Cultural Festival of Northern Taiwan

Part 3 Foreign Ceremonies and Rituals in Taipei

1. Reunion Dinners for the Chinese New Year
2. Thailand's Songkran Festival: Celebrating Thai Culture with a Splash
3. Essays by New Immigrants and the Cross-Cultural Family Selection and Commendation

Part 4 Progressive Ceremonial Innovations

1. Centralized Collection and Burning of Paper Money
2. Joint Sea Burial
3. Plaque-Presentation Ceremony for the Tree Burial Area in Yongai Garden
4. The Establishment of Taiwan’s First Sprinkle Burial Site for Pets
5. The Taipei Joint Matrimonial Ceremonies

Total list: 4 items
Total list: 4 items