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Chapter 14 Tourism & Recreation

The development of tourism in Taiwan has evolved from the consolidation of local to international expansion. Taipei City has the greatest number and variety of tourism resources in Taiwan. In the cultural sphere it is home to the world-class National Palace Museum. It boasts a fast, convenient and comfortable mass rapid transit (MRT) system and various river boat routes and riverside bicycle paths. There are also plenty of historic sites in the city, from Longshan Temple to the Confucius Temple. In the area of economics and trade, Taipei is home to the landmark Taipei 101; and for natural escapes the city offers hot spring areas, the beautiful Yangmingshan National Park, and other scenic spots. Taipei is also known for the diversity of its fine cuisine, which visitors can sample at various night markets and exotic restaurants in the city. All of these attractions simply show that, when it comes to tourism, “Taipei Has it All.”

Part 1 Tourism and Recreational Resources

1. Maokong Gondola
2. Riverside Bicycle Paths
3. The Blue Highway – A New Wave of Tourism
4. City Tourism

Part 2 Building a Travel-Friendly Environment

1. The Hotel Operation and Management Program and the Hotel Bilingual Evaluation Test
2. Awarding Outstanding Taipei City Hotels and Personnel
3. Guidance in Hotel Safety, Silence, and Sanitation
4. Hot Spring Management
5. Tourism Guide Map Signs
6. Refurbishment of the Yuanshan Scenic Area
7. The Health Industry Promotion Program
8. Festivals and Cultural Tourism
9. Farm Recreation
10. Travel Information

Part 3 City Marketing

1. Domestic and International Travel Fair
2. Cooperative City and County Tourism Promotion

Total list: 3 items
Total list: 3 items