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Chapter 15 Exercise for All

Taipei City has all along valued the promotion and popularization of sports for all, and some of the concrete actions already taken have consisted of the implementation of physical education in schools, the improvement of various sports facilities, and the constructions of public sports centers, making sports and leisure activities part of the community development goal. Also, a variety of public welfare preferential policies are in place to ensure the interests and access of women, the elderly, and the physically and mentally disabled to various sports facilities. Apart from the above, the general public is encouraged to participate in organized health-related events. By hosting large-scale international competitions, Taipei’s citizenry is invited to jointly market metropolitan Taipei, and share in its glory.

Part 1 Promoting Exercise for All

1. Hosting the Exercise and Health Campaign
2. Brisk Walking
3. Mountain Hiking Day Activities
4. District Recreational Games and Road Runs
5. Women’s Games
6. Senior Games
7. Taipei 100 Cycle Tour
8. Handicapped Games
9. Counseling for Community Sports Organizations to Promote the Grassroots Development of Sports
10. Taipei International Dragon Boat Race Championships

Part 2 Hosting International Events to Strengthen Sports Exchanges

1. International Tour de Taiwan – Taipei Stage
2. Taipei International Expressway Marathon
3. The Taipei International Judo Open
4. Taipei Women’s Volleyball Competition
5. Taipei Rowing Championships
6. International Skating Union Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating
7. ING Taipei International Marathon
8. Baseball World Cup and 2007 Taipei International AA Baseball Invitational Tournament
9. Taipei International Deaflympics Swimming Championships
10. Chinese Taipei Open Table Tennis Tournament
11. Sports and Cultural Exchange with Japan’s Yokohama
12. Mainland China Sports Exchange

Part 3 Delivering Holistic Education through School Physical Education

1. National Athletic Games Participation
2. Actively Fostering Sports Professionals and Talents
3. Paving the Way for Outstanding Athletes to Advance Academically
4. The Expansion of Various Municipal Individual Sports Events
5. Encouraging Schools Participation in Various National Sports Meets
6. Enhancing Swimming Pool Utilization Effectiveness by Improving Software and Hardware Facilities
7. The Establishment of Campus Sports Clubs
8. The Implementation of School Physical Fitness Examinations

Part 4 Comprehensive Sports and Recreational Facilities

1. Constructing Public Sports Facilities
2. Implementing the Taipei City Riverside Sport and Recreational Facilities Value-Adding Project
3. Enhancing the Effective Utilization of Sporting Facilities

Total list: 4 items
Total list: 4 items