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Chapter 16 Mass Communication

Modern mass communications possess highly advanced technological means and exceptionally powerful extensibility and permeability. Taipei City has the largest mass communication industry in Taiwan. In 2007, competition in the media market intensified, forcing many major newspapers to revamp their publications. Publishers conglomerated; cable television services adjusted their subscriber fees; and the shift to digital television provided the public with different choices beyond the cable TV channels. All of these changes represented major developments in Taipei’s media industry in 2007.

Part 1 Print Media

1. Newspapers
2. Magazines
3. Books

Part 2 Electronic Media

1. Cable Television
2. New Era for Digital Terrestrial TV
3. Radio Broadcasting
4. Audio and Video Programming

Part 3 International Media

Part 4 City Communications

1. Communicating Public Policies
2. Participation from the Private Sector

Total list: 4 items
Total list: 4 items