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Chapter 17 City Exchanges

In the age of globalization, cities around the world are playing a role of everincreasing importance. Inter-city exchanges bring multifaceted benefits to a city by improving municipal administration, strengthening governance, and boosting international competitiveness. Many cities are therefore taking active measures to promote exchanges and cooperation with other cities. Taipei City has been promoting such activities, which cover exchange visits by officials, visiting other cities, hosting international conferences, organizing cultural and educational exchanges, in the hope of improving Taipei’s international visibility by modeling the best practices in other cities.

Part 1 City Exchanges

1. Exchange Visits
2. Improving Relationships with Sister Cities
3. Hosting International Conferences
4. Active Participation in International Activities
5. Visiting Other Cities

Part 2 Cultural Exchanges

1. Cultural Exchanges
2. Cultural Exchange of Migrant Workers

Part 3 Educational Exchanges

1. Academic Exchanges
2. Educational Visits
3. Art and Cultural Activities
4. Sister School Exchanges
5. Sports Activities
6. Exchanges with International Schools in Taiwan
7. Transnational Learning

Total list: 3 items
Total list: 3 items