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Chapter 18 Human Resources

The city of Taipei is Taiwan’s capital featuring intensive commercial activities that promise to create a multitude of employment opportunities. With this in mind, the Taipei City Government provides the best possible quality service to assist those who leave their jobs involuntarily, to those who find themselves out of work in their prime, to women and the physically and mentally disabled in finding jobs. It also is dedicated to implementing welfare protection for laborers,and promoting gender equality in the workplace and job safety in order to guarantee laborers’ employment rights and interests, and ensure the flexible utilization of human resources in the labor market.

Part 1 Protecting Workers' Rights

1. Creating a Protection Mechanism for the Right to Organize Unions
2. Employers and Employees Work in Harmony
3. Settling Labor Disputes
4. Providing Compensation for Legal Proceedings to Laborers

Part 2 Employment Security

1. Providing Diverse Employment Service Measures
2. Unemployment Benefits Provide Financial Assistance to Unemployed Workers

Part 3 Employment Protection for Specific Target Groups

1. Promoting Aboriginal Employment Protection
2. Promulgation of the “Taipei City Government Implementation Guidelines for Assisting Unemployed Workers to Return to the Workplace”
3. Comprehensive Employment Protection for the Physically and Mentally Disabled

Part 4 Human Resources of the Public Sector

1. Promoting Organizational Reform and Staff Reduction
2. Mobilizing Human Resources
3. Implementing Measures to Protect the Disadvantaged
4. Fostering International Talents
5. Creating a Healthy Workplace

Part 5 Civil Servant Training

1. Comprehensive System and Diverse Classes
2. Innovative and Refined Content
3. Promoting Quality Management Events
4. Improving Crisis Management Capacities
5. Expanding the Taipei E-Campus Digital Learning Network
6. Training Results

Total list: 5 items
Total list: 5 items