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Chapter 19 Civil Rights

Amidst a wave of globalization and internationalization, Taipei City is not just the capital of Taiwan and its political and economic center, but a world-famous city. Economic development is continuing to facilitate engineering, public facilities, education, culture, medicine, hygiene and social welfare. As the progress of society has nurtured the flourishing of industry and commerce, citizens’ rights consciousness has also grown, leading people to demand the government to protect their rights in daily life, including the right to convenient transport. In accordance with the R.O.C. Constitution, laws and self-government regulations, Taipei City Government formulates (sets, revises) various selfgovernment ordinances and city laws and regulations to protect citizens’ rights and serve as the standards for citizens’ rights protection and the basis for control; it also implements the ideas of rule of law and human rights protection in accordance with the spirit of the standards of basic rights stipulated in the Constitution.

Part 1 Protecting Human Rights

1. Holding a Human Rights Protection Theory and Practice Seminar
2. Concrete Measures to Assist the Children of New Immigrants to Adapt to School and Group Life

Part 2 Protecting Consumers

1. Filing of Consumption Dispute Reports
2. The Functioning of the Consumer Protection Commission of the Taipei City Government
3. Carrying Out Consumer Protection Public Information Work
4. Cooperating with Private Consumer Rights Groups

Part 3 State Compensation

1. Establishing a State Compensation Committee
2. Measures to Increase the Quality of Handling
3. Measures to Increase Handling Efficiency
4. Dissemination of Information Regarding State Compensation Practical Affairs and Related Legal Education
5. Analysis of Handling Situation Figures

Part 4 Review of Administrative Appeals

1. Appeal Receipt and Handling
2. Special Features

Part 5 Ethics work

1. Establishing a Clean Government Center
2. Promoting a Clean Government and Anti-Corruption
3. Placing the Assets of Political Appointees in Trust
4. Strengthening Internal Auditing and Control, Implementing an Anti-Corruption Mechanism
5. Promoting Anti-Corruption Efforts Nationwide

Total list: 5 items
Total list: 5 items